Liste des événements publics pour les groupes

2021-06-29  TBA Online MF 
2021-06-15  TBA Online MF 
2021-06-01  TBA Online MF 
2021-05-04  Verifying higher-order concurrency with data automata Online MF 
2021-04-27  Cyclotomic Identity Testing and Application Online MF 
2021-04-13  Learning-based LTL synthesis Online MF 
2021-03-30  Register Automata with Extrema Constraints, and an Application to Two-Variable Logic Online MF 
2021-03-23  Shuffles, Operads, and Associahedra in Theoretical Computer Science Online MF 
2021-03-16  Subcubic Certificates for CFL Reachability  Online MF 
2021-03-02  The Complexity of Answering Unions of Conjunctive Queries Online MF 
2021-02-02  Bisimulation Finiteness of Pushdown Systems Is Elementary Online MF 
2020-12-15  Reachability in dynamical systems with rounding Online MF 
2020-12-08  On monotonic determinacy and rewritability for recursive queries and views  Online MF 
2020-12-01  Optimal transformations of Muller conditions Online MF 
2020-11-24  Monotone ABPs complexity vs. monotone rank of some explicit polynomials Online MF 
2020-11-17  Holonomic Techniques, Periods, and Decision Problems Online MF 
2020-11-03  DeepSynth, two years later: what have we learned about program synthesis?  178 MF 
2020-10-20  Solving Random Parity Games in Polynomial Time Online MF 
2020-10-06  Using TLA+ and Apalache to specify and check the Tendermint light client Virtual MF 
2020-09-29  Title: Counting Problems over Incomplete Databases Online MF 
2020-09-15  Monte Carlo Tree Search guided by Symbolic Advice for MDPs 178 MF 
2020-09-08  Safe Learning for Near Optimal Scheduling Online MF 
2020-06-30  When Is a Bottom-up Deterministic Tree Transducer Top-down Deterministic? Virtual MF 
2020-06-23  A Congruence-based Perspective on Automata Minimization Algorithms Virtual MF 
2020-06-02  Learning Description Logic Ontologies 178 MF 
2020-05-26  A parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof theory Virtual MF 
2020-05-19  Query evaluation on probabilistic data: a story of dichotomies Virtual MF 
2020-05-05  Order problem for automaton semigroups  TBA MF 
2020-04-21  On polynomial recursive sequences online MF 
2020-04-14  Controlling a random population 178 MF 
2020-03-31  Reachability in fixed dimension vector addition systems with states  MF 
2020-03-24  A parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof theory 178 MF 
2020-03-17  Finite automata presentable groups 178 MF 
2020-03-10  An introduction to Knowledge compilation 178 MF 
2020-02-18  An algebraic approach to equivalence of MSO transductions of graphs of bounded treewidth 178 MF 
2020-02-11  The reverse mathematics of Hindman's theorem 178 MF 
2020-02-06  Semantics and applications of PORGY - an interactive modelling framework based on strategic graph rewriting 178 MF 
2020-02-04  Reachability in fixed dimension vector addition systems with states 178 MF 
2020-01-28  A separation result on min-plus and max-plus automata 178 MF