The LaBRI is a research unit associated with the CNRS (UMR 5800), the University of Bordeaux and the Bordeaux INP. Since 2002 it has been the partner of Inria. It has significantly increased in staff numbers over recent years. In november 2017 it had a total of 280 members including 110 teaching/research staff (Universitie Bordeaux, and Bordeaux INP), 41 research staff (CNRS and Inria), 20 administrative and technical (Universitie Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, CNRS and Inria) and more than 100 doctoral students and post-docs. The LaBRI's missions are of three types: research (pure and applied), technology application and transfer and training.

Today the members of the laboratory are grouped in six teams, each one combining basic research, applied research and technology transfer :

Within these teams, research activities are conducted in partnership with Inria . Up to now ten common LaBRI-Inria projects have started:

The LaBRI's researchers and teacher/researchers take part in initial and continuing education of more than 1300 students enrolled in computing specialities at the levels of L (Bachelor degree), M (Master) and D (Doctorate) established in the reform of 2003.

The LaBRI collaborates with many other laboratories and companies on the international, European and French scale through various networks and structures.

The Aquitaine regional council has supported the laboratory in many ways: the building extension, equipment and grants for thesis students and postdocs.

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