Computing Department of the University Bordeaux 1 (See the department's web site)


Science and Technology Master degree (specialisation Computing) (See the degree's web site)

This degree's objective is to train specialists in the various areas of Computing relying on the expertise of the local teams. Two types of career are aimed for, the first in the area of research and the second in the more specialised area of engineering. These careers might be followed either in the world of industry or in public or private research organisations.

For master degree graduates to be effective in either of these areas, it is desirable that they have a good understanding of the other and to achieve this that they have followed a curriculum which covers both the spectrum from the fundamentals of the discipline to its applications and developmemts and also the environments in which these activities are applied.

For this reason, students choose during their degree studies between:

  • a research masters degree leading to a doctorate in computing and then a carer as researcher, teacher/researcher or research engineer
  • a professional masters degree leading directly to a career as an engineer.

For available subjects of research theses, consult the corresponding webpage.


Science and Technology Licence degree (option Computing) (See the degree's web site)

The Licence degree fits into the European system. It is a three year university programme (open to school leavers with the French Baccalauréat) and so with a weight of 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points.

A single stream "Computing Fundamentals" is currently open. It is a general curriculum intended to provide the prerequisites for students intending to enter the computing Master degree.

It is intended to open a second stream "Development of Durable Software". Unlike the "Computing Fundamentals" stream, this will be a professional stream intended to provide the basic training necessary for a career in the software industry.

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