Seminars and working groups

The LaBRI seminar takes place about twice a month on Thursdays, normally from 2pm to 3pm in the LaBRI lecture hall. The 50 minute presentations are aimed at all researchers in the laboratory. The speaker has the delicate task of presenting a research field remaining accessible to a wide audience of computer scientists while still giving one or two technical detailed examples of the types of argument used in the field. Full details of the organisation of the seminar are available on the intranet.

For all announcements concerning groups, seminars, and thesis defences, consult the news section of "LaBRI-Hebdo".

Working groups

The "Distributed Algorithms" working group aims to provide tools allowing the coding, the study and the teaching of various aspects of distributed algorithmics. Problems of particular interest are: election, naming, computation of a spanning tree, routing, termination detection, synchronisation, consensus and recognition of certain properties of the network. These studies depend on the one hand on the types of computation rules permitted in the network and on the other hand on the initial knowledge or the initial configuration of the network. The non-existence of deterministic distributed algorithms to resolve certain problems leads us to the study of probabilistic distributed algorithms which are often easy to express but difficult to analyse. Another aspect is the study of the links between the three following models: local computation, message passing and communication by shared memory and the comparison of their power (and similarly for the links between these models and systems of mobile agents).

The Bio-informatics and Visualisation working group is interested in Computing themes applied to biology, for instance graph algorithms, combinatorics, modelling of biological systems, analysis of biological structures, comparative genomics. By exchanges of work and problems encountered, fruitful discussions between researchers arise. Workers in the field outside the LaBRI are regularly invited to present their work extending our knowledge to other methods and application areas.

The Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics working group meets weekly largely with the theme "Enumerative Combinatorics". These meetings consist of an hour's presentation most often by a member of the group on his own work or that of other researchers and relevant to the many subjects of interest to the members of the group: enumeration generating functions, decompositions, random generation and combinatorial properties of trees, paths, certain plane or more complex figures, families of polynomials or other objects. The group meets every Monday morning from 10.40 to 11.40 in room 076 and is often coupled with the "little Combinatorics school" which offers longer series of presentations going into more detail on a subject related to the interests of the group.

The Graphs and Optimisation working group holds a weekly seminar given by a member or a guest of the team of the same name. The subjects considered cover the whole range of the subjects on which members of the group are working, from graph colouring to compact routing passing by the study of perfect graphs and network communications. The group meets every Friday from 2pm to 3 pm normally in room 075.

The Formal Methods working group covers all the topics of the Formal Methods team. The seminar takes place in room 178 every Tuesday from 11am to 12am.

The "software engineering" working group is interested in software development. Topics covered in the working group are varied: software evolution, DSL (Domain Specific Language), architecture analysis and modeling, model-driven engineering... The group meets regularly around 30-45 minutes presentations followed by discussion.

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