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9 février 2015 - Thesis Subjects 2015
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2015: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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09 Octobre 2015 - Relaxation de configurations dans le modèle du tas de sable sur la grille Z^2  (Henri Derycke - 10h45 - 076)

09 Octobre 2015 - List star edge coloring of subcubic graphs  (André Raspaud - 14h00 - Salle 76)

12 Octobre 2015 - Classification automatique de graphes dynamique  ( Yessin Neggaz - 14h00 - 178)

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29 September 2015 - The LaBRI and the Fête de la Science

For the 18th consecutive year, the Bordeaux scientific community will allow a wide public to come and discover activities connected with research.
This year again the LaBRI will open its doors with several workshops concentrated on the dates of 5th and 6th October
See the programme here.


28 September 2015 - Second ERDF prize for the NFC Interactive start-up

Three Aquitaine projects, out of around twenty candidatures, have been accepted by the jury composed of industrialists and also ERDF representatives, to develop «intelligent networks» capable of improving and aiding as much as possible future ERDF operations.

The NFC Interactive start-up is one of them. It was noted for its communication platform, which allows technicians, using the most modern technologies, to interact among themselves (Bluetooth, NFC, Beacons, Box spécific Boxes, Pixies, etc.) and with the regional direction.
The specificity of this project lies in the fact that the system works equally in non connected mode.
It was particularly for this reason that it received the 2nd prize in this competition.


24 September 2015 - LaBRI present at Researchers' Night

Muse at the LaBRI will again be present at the Researchers' Night which will take place on Friday 25 September at Cap Science.
2015 is an anniversary year. It marks 10 years of the European Researchers' Night, and 20 years of Cap Sciences! It will be an occasion to celebrate and honour research in all its diversity and richness. In a joyous and festive ambience come and meet passionate researchers from all horizons, with many activities and animations.


8 September 2015 - An article by Joris Sansen wins a prize at IV'15

Joris Sansen, doctoral student in the MABioVis team (theme EVADoMe) received the prize for the best paper for his article "Adjasankey: Visualization of huge hierarchical weighted and directed graphs”, presented at the IV’15 (19th International Conference Information Visualisation) conference .
It concerns visualisation of very large hierarchic weighted directed graphs, and presents a new visualisation technique for this type of data: Adjasankey. This new technique combines adjacency matrices, shown to be particularly efficient in representation of large graphs, Sankey diagrams to describe the weighting, and data abstraction to allow the treatment of large data sets.

Contact :

27 July 2015 - The LaBRI's Rhoban team on the podium of Robocup 2015!

This year the Robocup 2015 took place in China with the LaBRI's new prototype: Grosban.
In its fourth participation in in the world robotics contest "Robocup 2015", whose novelties in 2015 are the white colours of the ball and the goals, and also the artificial turf instead of baize, the "Rhoban Football Club", the LaBRI club of footballing robots reached the podium, classed third behind Japan (CIT Brains) and China (ZJUDancer), after stopping Indonesia (EROS) in the minor final.
The Rhoban Football Club was the only French footballing robots team qualified for Robocup 2015. It competed in the "Humanoïd kid size" league which included sixteen international teams.

Bravo to all the team!

Contact :

23 July 2015 - Special Idex thesis prize

For the second consecutive year, the LaBRI is honoured to receive the special prize of the Idex jury, attributed this year to Dominik Pajak for his thesis co-directed by Adrian Kosowski and Ralf Klasing.

Dominik Pajak's thesis considers the question of graph exploration. This problem, studied for more than a century in the context of searching for an exit from a maze, has many recent applications in domains as diverse as robotics and algorithms for search engines. The results in the thesis concern a distributed formulation of the problem, in which multiple mobile units (robots) make a collaborative effort to discover the complete environment, which is a priori unknown.
The results of the thesis have been published in international conferences, such as PODC, STACS, and ICALP (prize for the best track C article, 2013).

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20 July 2015 - Solips, a winner of the i-LAB competition »

Solips uses the software library PaMPA, which allows efficient manipulation of grids distributed over large numbers of processors. It offers numerous functionalities simplifying the writing of parallel numerical simulation software, and optimising the exeution of these simulations on a large number of processors.
Solips, arose from TaDAAM, a common team-project with Inria, integrated in the LabBRI Satanas team.
Solips was a winner in the "emerging" category of the 17th national "i-LAB" assistance in the creation of innovative technology companies competition.
The grant received allows the beneficiary to finance preliminary studies for the creation of the enterprise.

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