Evènement pour le groupe Modélisation et Verification

Date 2013-05-30  11:30-12:30
TitreExact algorithms for stochastic games and real algebraic geometry 
RésuméShapley's discounted stochastic games and Everett's recursive games are classical models of game theory describing two-player zero-sum games of potentially infinite duration. We present an exact algorithm for solving such games based on separation bounds from real algebraic geometry. When the number of positions of the game is constant, the algorithm runs in polynomial time and is the first with this property. We also present lower bounds on the algebraic degree of the values of stochastic games induced from the irreducibility of polynomials that have coefficients that depend on the combinatorial parameters of the games, based on a generalization of Eisenstein criterion. 
OrateurElias Tsigaridas 

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