Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire du LaBRI

Date 2013-03-07  13:30-14:30
Titre[Sem-LaBRI] Next Generation Radiotherapies 
RésuméIn this talk, we will address three kinds of "Next Generation Radiotherapies" and present some algorithmic aspects and results. Radiation therapy is one of the commonly used cancer therapies. The radiation treatment poses a tuning problem: the radiation needs to be effective enough to destroy the tumor, but it should maintain the functionality of the organs close to the tumor (organs at risk). Towards this goal, the design of radiation treatment has to be customized for each patient. We will focus on a) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy using Multi-Leaf Collimators, b) Curie-therapy and c) Proton therapy and give both some open questions and recently achieved algorithmic results.  
LieuAmphi du LaBRI 
OrateurGuillaume Blin 
UrlIGM - Université Paris-Est 

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