Evènement pour le groupe Combinatoire Énumérative et Algébrique

Date 2012-11-16  10:45-11:45
TitreTowards randomly generated mammals... 
RésuméGenome arrangements, a major mechanism of evolution, shuffle genetic material along chromosomes. Thus, a now standard approach models groups of close genomes as signed permutations. The correct data structure to study permutations in this context is the common interval tree. We refine these trees according to a parameter, and the resulting sub-families turn out to be simple varieties of trees. Thus, they are particularly amenable to analytic enumerative techniques, and Boltzmann generation. This refinement also has implications in algorithm analysis for various ancestral genome reconstruction algorithms. Finally, we compare the trees that we generate with those that arise with the direct comparison of a selection of mammalian genomes. Work in collaboration with Mathilde Bouvel, Cédric Chauve, Rosemary McCloskey, Cyril Nicaud and Carine Pivoteau.  
OrateurMarni Mishna 
UrlUniversité Simon Fraser, Vancouver, Canada 

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