Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire du LaBRI

Date 2009-02-12  14:00-15:00
TitreSém. LaBRI. Teaching Considered Harmful. John Hamer 
Résumé"Teaching Considered Harmful" Learning through contribution: reinventing Computer Science pedagogy Computer Science has, in its youthful way, evolved a pedagogy by adopting elements from its parent disciplines of Mathematics and Engineering. However, if we characterise Mathematics as dealing with disembodied knowledge, and Engineering with established, stable subject knowledge, then clearly Computer Science is unlike either of these. Much knowledge in Computing is ephemeral, and one of the key skills in the discipline is knowing where to look for a solution and how to evaluate its utility. Nevertheless, our "signature" pedagogy centres around traditional lectures, handing out extensive course notes (in lieu of textbook), and setting individual assignment work. In this talk, I present an alternative approach to teaching and learning in the subject, in which students take on some or many of the roles of the teacher. Two of the techniques described (peer assessment, and multiple-choice question authoring) are ideally suited to large classes, while others (such as collectively authoring a course textbook) are intended for use with smaller groups. The claim that the approach leads to enhanced and deepened learning is evaluated in the light of the research evidence we have collected. 
LieuAmphi LaBRI 
OrateurJohn Hamer 
UrlVisiting Researcher, University of Glasgow 

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