Evènement pour le groupe GT Génie Logiciel

Date 2012-01-19  10:00-12:00
Titre[GTGL] Mixing logic and functional programming styles 
RésuméWe have been designing a language in which programmers can mix the logic and functional styles. In the functional style programmers introduce variables and assign the variables values be describing a computation that evaluates to the answer desired. In our language one can also introduce variables by describing what properties their values should have using first order logic. The language implementation automatically searches for solutions. The language lets the programmer mix computation based programs with search based programs in a completely transparent manner. The kind of search is directed by the type of value being sought, and the particular operands in the logic used to describe its properties. we use general purpose tools like SAT solvers, SMT solvers, the Simplex algorithm, and Narrowing to actually perform the search. Creation of the search tree, and the strategy of searching the tree are separated, and the user can specify a different strategy for each search, yet a single answer may involve several searches, and all these are coordinated in a transparent manner. 
Lieusalle 64 
OrateurTim Sheard 
UrlPortland State University 

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