Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire des Doctorants

Date 2007-04-18  16:00-17:00
TitreConvergence in B3G/4G Networks - An Enabler of Ubiquitous Computing 
RésuméBeyond 3G (B3G) or 4th Generation (4G) wireless networks are no more a dream, already knocking at the doors of our information village. 4G promises to offer a vast range and diversity of converged devices, services and networks in order to revolutionize the way we communicate today. 4G would not only offer ultra-high data rates but would also enable ubiquitous computing paradigm, particularly interesting for the end-user with the help of various personalized and user- friendly services. B3G/4G networks will be composed of heterogeneous elements at different technological levels ranging from services to user-terminal. This multi-dimensional heterogeneity obstructs the B3G/4G networks to be largely deployed and become economically and socially viable. Convergence is a key to offer a unified solution where all these highly heterogeneous components are coupled together to give a homogeneous outlook. While the research community is interested in unification and Interworking of B3G/4G heterogeneous elements at various scales such as converged services and devices, core and access network convergence, Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) and so on; our particular focus in this talk is on Wireless Network Convergence and Multiple-Interface Terminal Convergence aspects of B3G/4G systems. At the first place, we discuss how the wireless network convergence in B3G/4G preserves the benefits of conventional infrastructure-based networks while incorporating the flexibility of mobile ad-hoc networks by introducing the novel converged architectures such as Wireless Mesh Network (WMN), Multi-hop Cellular Networks (MCN) and Hybrid Wireless Networks (HWNs). Furthermore, we bring to light the proliferation of multi-interface, multi-mode and multi- functional user-terminals that are capable to connect with a plurality of access networks/devices at short/long distance at the same time. This proliferation introduces the stringent requirements of Interworking and convergence at the terminal- level in order to provide efficient mobility management in heterogeneous B3G/4G networks. Finally, we conclude our talk by giving our personal stance on the importance of convergence, which is the only widely agreed-upon solution to make the inte- gration of 4G elements go unnoticed to the end-user's environ- ment, so that the technology eventually focuses over the user and not the user focuses on the diversity and immensely heterogeneous elements of the technology. Usman Javaid est Ingénieur de Recherche chez France Telecom R&D à Lannion et Doctorant au LaBRI au sein de l'équipe COMET. Directeurs de thèse: Toufik AHMED, Francine KRIEF (COMET - LaBRI) 
Lieusalle 076 
OrateurUsman Javaid 
UrlEquipe Langages, Systèmes et Réseaux, thème QoS et sécurité dans les réseaux de nouvelles génération 

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