Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire des Doctorants

Date 2007-03-21  16:00-17:00
TitreVisualization and Interaction with Mobile and Immersive Technologies 
RésuméScientific context Interactive 3D graphics have shown undeniable benefits and are now standing as ineluctable medium in many application domains. Mainly dedicated to desktop monitors for a long time, the visualization of the 3D environments has evolved in new directions. On the one hand, in the past few years, immersive projection technologies have been developed to favor immersion of users, and to enhance collaboration in groups’ applications. On the other hand and more recently, the evolution of mobile technologies has laid to the development of new 3D mobile applications on cell phones or PDAs. Mission We propose to investigate the merging of these two technologies. In particular, we want to enhance interaction between mobile users that are surrounded by the real environment and distant “control centres” where high quality visualizations are provided. On the one hand, information such as GPS positions and video streams can be received by control centres from all the mobile units. On the other hand, control centres that have a global knowledge of the situation can send helpful information to the mobile users, such as 3D models of pertinent objects. The interest of such kind of approach can easily be understood for many applications in the scope of crisis management or distant assistance. Numerous challenges have to be solved for the success of such new technologies: i) technical issues have to be considered for the development of an operational framework - ii) investigations have to be conducted in order to propose adapted visual representations and efficient interaction techniques. We will jointly concentrate on both these technological and human factor challenges. 
LieuSalle 178 (LaBRI 2.0, 1er étage à côté de l'ascenseur) 
OrateurSebastian Knödel 
UrlProjet IPARLA 

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