Evènement pour le groupe Preuves d'algorithmes distribués

Date 2010-10-21  09:30-10:45
TitreFault-tolerance Synchronous Handshake Algorithm for Local Computations.  
RésuméI will present a new probabilistic, synchronization algorithm to get a handshake between two neighboring nodes in the graph. This algorithm is designed for an asynchronous distributed network of anonymous processes which use the message exchange as a model for the communication. In this work, I use the Event-B method for the specification and for the proof of correctness. I will present a comparative study between our algorithm and the one proposed by Y. Metivier et al. cite{lc0_yves}. I will show that our proposal presents a considerable improvement of the previous one in terms of the number of sent messages and fault tolerance. I will display the effectiveness of our algorithm by highlighting the importance of its asynchronous aspect on the total performances of the algorithm.  
Lieusalle 381 
OrateurMohamed Tounsi 

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