Evènement pour le groupe GT Graphes et Applications

Date 2015-04-20  15:30-16:30
TitreIrregular Labelings 
RésuméIn 1988, Chartrand et al., posed the problem, "Assign integer labels to the edges of a simply connected graph in such a way that the graph becomes irregular. What is the minimum value of the largest label over all such irregular assignments?" This minimum value of the largest label is known as the irregularity strength s(G) of a graph G. Several papers followed this introduction to the problem but finding s(G) was showing to be difficult. In 2007 Jendrol et al., modified the problem to include labels of vertices as well as edges. This also expanded the field since now the irregularity could be measured not only at the vertices but also at the edges. Many results followed this modification and the Jendrol article has, to date more than 80 citations. In this talk we will cover some of the more interesting aspects of the field and introduce a new variation.  
LieuSalle 178 
OrateurJoe Ryan 

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