Evènement pour le groupe Séminaire des Doctorants

Date 2014-01-30  13:30-14:30
Titre[Semidoc] Simulating a weak shared memory in message-passing systems.  
RésuméIn distributed computing, there are 2 main communication abstractions considered : message-passing (processes directly send messages to one another), and shared memory (processes communicate through some shared object). Under some conditions, it is possible for processes using a message-passing system to implement (or simulate) some shared memory objects. This is useful because it is often easier to write distributed algorithms using those shared objects. Thus, any problem that can be solved using shared memory, could also be solved in message-passing systems. If some conditions are not verified in the message-passing system, it is impossible to simulate usual shared memory objects (with good properties). My work is about the simulation of some new (extended) shared objects, with weaker properties, but that can still be implemented under those circumstances.  
LieuAmphi du LaBRI 
OrateurDavid Bonnin 

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