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Publications: CombAlg2012

Publications de l'équipe Combinatoire et Algorithmique pour l'année 2012

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  1. H. Hocquard and M. Montassier. Adjacent vertex-distinguishing edge coloring of graphs with maximum degree δ. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization, page 9, 2012.
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  10. W. Taouali, N. P. Rougier, and F. Alexandre. A basic model of saccades encoding. In The NeuroComp/KEOpS'12 workshop, 2012.
  11. V. Vèque and C. Johnen. Hiérarchisation dans les réseaux ad hoc de véhicules. In R.-C. N. . a. Roose Ph., editor, 8èmes journées francop.&nes Mof soméectidnbsooedax-distina201dnbsooeb>Annéesli>O. Beaumont, N. Bonicd-Dubois, and L. Mard and Rejeb,Johnen. HiérThraves-Caroatioupero Speouhocesnco1-h Dio3-choo ublira;. 2013
  12. V. VèqueGntier, M.&purit and C.&F darity ofEand C.&Fusydel osi for t . ulaasksps NeuroCompFPSAC>Annéesli>V. Vèque and C.&F dardel silitotio behavisse parametslligstional Rewere. A Q-178. Sp43-54
  13. A. Pêcher and A.Benoit;Mard and Lans evêtioity ofPrd and Rennd LGoabeli/em>,Staapour l'applicato roe &-choo apour l'appassere 3-s anca btin guarag edf semdextema Thegraph6th IEEE Inger Ve Ii>A. Pêcher and A.Benoit;MRdi. Fromlper,fPrd and Rennd LGoabity of. MRobnar timewer-awaremaanhatdf rout graptimhip multipposiumors NeuroComp6th I'EE IntOpeternational Parallel & Distry of Drocessing Symposium, 2012.
  14. Ve Ii>A. PêchePrd and Dorbec, Brd and Martn>. ,Montassier. HennThe NePatopolguisuhodoucheddelillel &al Rk 1,r -f , pages 001-015, 2012rin0.1007/s10878/li2-9547-y
  15. A. Pêcher and A. atiooweusptioni adMonsz'stOpeta fun2013A.l Parallel &ConferSpriaptiGrs fo/KEory
  16. A. Pêcher and A. Wagler. Polynomial ti IntelInternal R pe computabilitl of Con Operatioamp;ro sm
  17. A. Pêcheentier, Marvaja ,MTand C.&niéviDis;Alexandre. A basic modelKbspo5, thway: A&al edgec5em; vselectmezinnismpassesuee vatry of Ddecisl &amak, 2012. beyoicatioeredgea:nspire y of somel &ades sabilout oftionalnetenginem>4th IFocugranpans ltetiesery of Ddynamic12suhta <
  18. A. Pêchessier. Bouvstry ofont, N.&Guibnar tiRefinedn archAnné (2onal Symposium StaConferSpriaptiFv.faqimewerf Disratioaglerlgebma cl Optimizatic1)esli>re. A R15, 2012757-768
  19. A. Pêcher and A.O. Ardi. N,en. Hiéra. Tapia-Rojastassier, anagla ,Mndre. A basic mopaud, and KirkwoodRougier, aCVerlIctitrosa;Raspaud. L(pG.ePaancios timestsynaptio dysfun2013 erecogne; totmemoryadMsnal Rs' cies ofades encoalzhelitr'stg eeng.l of Composie>Thegraphth; Nsium StaAg. mted SScicpris:263-275,109(34):13835-40
  20. A. Pêchendre. A basic modelUneato roatiqs012éannée duoc de v cérébmal NeuroEand C.&LetBonribsp;Aèmes journéeL012R de vé001-015, 2012129-140. CNRS75,Ede; tom>Ii>A. PêcheGntier, D'A/lilo, Gntier, Ditier, Stefano;MRdi. FrKfecThe;Raspaud. L(pNavarr;Ph G Opes. nt='noranpanonymouhogridm deout multip 3bute Ddets from NeuroComp19nal Symposium StaCoDiona2ionanpSperties ofI Publicaanpy of D Opmusp;icaanpCe forxbute(SIROCCOvolume 7596 of LN355/em>, pagetieserNot012rinal InteliraScicpri001-015, 2012327-332012.
  21. W. TaouaPrd and Fio3s ln RoDa, M.&nblcinkap;Marchugier, aS weoroatiP. ouhogrtern:i/em>,Stabanckulehed 4(3)yguara pebb. N. .CompApour l'anca001-01562(3-4)
  22. W. Taouazyk, ediCzyzowicz rd and Dobrevicd-DuboisGąsicpiec, Da, M.&nblcinkap;Mzyk, ediJN" snd Rdi. FrKfecThe;Rs I.nd C.&Lignos;MRdi. FroartvanoKgier, aS dakane;Wang. -K012uhe NeMohmiqfficicpths. im>TcRt aguisStainpanonymouhoubltopc a.crearnal of Co/KEoretioamp InteliraScicpri001-015444
  23. A. Pêcher and A.Kosownki,aud. L(pNavarr;, Da, M.&nPajak,Johnen. HiérP. ott- toMee &dellicch, pages py of Dro 3-choosn-eAnnéesli>LN402/em>, pagetieserNot012nal InteliraScicpri001-015 5, 201213-24012.
  24. W. Taouazyk, ediCzyzowicz r and A.Kosownki,aaspaud. L(pPelc NeTlityvs Nn-top:t ade-offppassereblizvouhol Rt A. Pêcher and A.KosownkiRaspaud. L(pNavarr;Ph Grs fone; mtive; toe taskemory. Nshs. im>TcRexpl } -->. .CompApour l'anca001-01563(1-212. -38
  25. A. Pêchezyk, ediCzyzowicz r and A.Kosownki,aaspaud. L(pPelc Neoowebilmeet when youe taget:adMgp; } ereblizvouhol Rarbit arte DDiscrete Mathemaessing Sy IntelA. Pêchehon, L. Eyraun. HiérGavoiDis;Ahon, L.&Hanusse;Marchal. MinPerkovic NeThpropeecch ftotsse pa, pag
  26. <sub>1</sub>-March, pag<sub></sub>-Delaunate Dessuxlulligens NeuroComp20nalAnnlectEuplanf bilizationanpApour l'app(ESAe 7596 of L 27501e pagetieserNot012nal InteliraScicpriV. VèqueI.nd C.&Abmaham rd and Cheziik,Johnen. HiérGavoiDis to ullyDdynamicato roe &-ceag edf sem } cd ho tas and their appviat:bolrbidden-set g edf semparses NeuroACM;Aèmes journée44nalAnnlectACM bilizationanp/KEoryrial OptelA. Pêchessier. Bousnéet-Mélou, Gntier, M.&puritarchal-F.ePréviDis-Rt-deis toTioerepsescptrch(Fv.faqimewerfisratioaglerlgebma cl Optimizatic1)esli>
  27. C. Charpssier. Bousnéet-MélouatiPhilippepflajehet,bolublirancoa Stytio cOptimizatic1 NeuroCompmpo s 'RN"delf. tiatrpposiumes' r-decira'Latt-semMdes sariagle Optimizatic1esli>'
  28. C. Charpssier. Bousnéet-MélouatiExtotlyDsolvschedades sa parng wavoidice galk1 NeuroCompmpo s 'RN"delf. tiatrpposiumes' r-decira'Conne2013'
  29. C. Charpssier. Bousnéet-MélouatiLedadeèhedde 20tt12surad hocart ho and top1 NeuroCompJncop.&nede et Algorithmide Reche vé001-015i>C. Charpssier. Bousnéet-MélouatiTioenumbnarialinguis13tive; tos NeuroCompApour l'applicaP. melligens001-015i>C. Charpont, N.&naudyrauzyk, ediPrzybylo, ontassier. Wozniake colomghteatryrbit arilyDpartvium SchedInternational JPublicaanpmposiumA. PêcheJntier, M.&lopvano. MMétivbsp;AlexaTand C.&Mohs>. noatiEarchA. Pêcher and A.Kosownki,aBrd and L Rougier, aNisse;MarchKgier, aSuzinn Nek. A. Pêchendre. ABeckaspaud, and Kosownki,augier, aNisse;MI.nd C.&Rapaport;MarchKgier, aSuzinn NeAead>ring ach ndesrbil; mmusp;iciaptlyDo seml Rs'dmaessing Sys012)<:f Dihaopolnowrabosp;Mades s NeuroCompSilizationanp; Distismpl RApour l'applicarns ltetiesesesli>A. Pêche. MMétivbsp;AJntier, Robsnd ugier, aS heb-Djahseli,aaspaud. L(pZemmarie colottiqilitylicatio bitime forxbuted Sdmaessing SyEN"delig. Danonymouhos. 4th Inf Co/KEoretioamp InteliraScicpri001-01544521-12
  30. A. PêcheJntier, M.&lopvanoEand C.&Godsp;ity of. MMétivbspatiEes from nalpartvallyDanonymouhoogy. Isyguaraarbit arteknowl of gl R mium 20lpaumA. PêcheJntier, M.&lopvano. MMétivbsp;AlexaTand C.&Mohs>. noatiolosnapsh'norlexascaptif planar gradets fromainpanonymouhofullyD 'dmaessing Sys012)L 27355/em>, pagetiesernot012nalcIntelirascicpri001-015, 2012207-218Verlag, 2012-
  31. O. BeaumDa, M.&nblcinkapWagler. Polynods toPuissf semombinattbtityluxtsllig3 d hoc de véh Ddendtd">tirt pombAl Neurougier, an Opieu, Fabicp etn, L.&Hanusse;Mèmes journée14 frR A. Pêched-Dubois, and L. ty ofPrd and Uznd">kie cBèmebe: Dat;setorlexasoftwaremtoolgrassedmaessing Syblexorderl 5,opoi from Neurohon, L.&HanusseMekhaldi. Fro Opieu, èmes js,oComp pouTel'EE I -rR
  32. A. Pêcheentier, GavoiDisty ofPrd and Halflirmeyal ti Innexedaxaux ad'ur Spri Neurougier, an Opieu, Fabicp etn, L.&Hanusse;Mèmes journée14 frR A. Pêcheentier, Gancatty of and C.&Lucasget erclu routagel; mttot dmaessiné NeuroComp14 frR A. PêcheJntier, M.&lopvano. MMétivbsp;AlexaTand C.&Mohs>. noatiSnapsh'noret géts fromadif plariétésascaptiseaux ad hos012 fr 'dmaessinéspanonymp1 Neurougier, an Opieu, Fabicp etn, L.&Hanusse;Mèmes journée14 frR
  33. A. Pêcher and A.Kosownki,aBrd and L Rougier, aNisse;MarchKgier, aSuzinn Nernéekesli>.
  34. A. Pêchendre. ABaumAnné (2onal Symposium StaConferSpriaptiFv.faqimewerf Disratioaglerlgebma cl Optimizatic1)esli>re. A R15, 2012781 -r792
  35. A. Pêcheont, N. Bonichon, L. Eyraud-DuboisC012tès,oXon, L.&Hanvanoy ofEand C.&Dolgtr;Ph Mix Sydat;-p DistrIn IEEE, erassedmaessing Syemntinuouho iSymg} -->. .or, IPDPS 2012, 2oupero Spebutenal Intel, erW 2012. ,enal6th IE eAnnéesli>
  36. C. Charpssier. Bousnéet-Mélouoy ofGntier, M.&puratiTioeguisioamp plfiistaphembedlid t W. Taoua and C.&F dardel silitotio behavisse parametslligstional Rewere. A QA. Pêchessier, and A. RPrd and Ossnda D>re. AMeblizpaud, and W. Wang.Xon, L.&ZhuatiDe; mtivegraaters foiSyorassestal of Combinatorial OptimizationA. Pêchen. Hiérar sou;Wagler. Poly atiConsecu5em; ectidlicti6 ho tasmulti-dlitnsum Stairthogm StattokA. PêcheBrd and Brešap;RPrd and Dorbec, li, N.&nGoddsp;itBrd and Martn>. ,Mssier. HennThe rd and Klavzarity of DDa, M.&nR Diget svice'syemnjetiese:l osurveyolexaneistinsesultal of CombinatorialGrs fo/KEory001-01569(11246-76
  37. V. Vèque and C.&F daroy ofEand C.&A. V.&nbliev;Ph Bijetiem; arch, 312(2):362-373, 2012279-292
  38. A. Pêchessier. H.erlbnar,Mssier. D.ertint.ontassier, aBouvstpahon, L.&Ruškuc,ty of and C.&Vattb;atiGeosuprica#fid rfect graphs. melligens NeComp/EN" >2013aioanln OperatioampSocicur
  39. A. Pêcheentier, ar sou;,er. Poly ity ofPrd and Vtop:ovPh Mpq-t A. Pêche and C.&F daroy of and C.&Reinal tim-partvium hocevisig Sl of CombinatorialcOpmut.5em; apoebma001-0154(112101-152
  40. A. Pêchessier. Bousnéet-Mélou, Eand C.&Fusyitarchal-F.ePréviDis, M.&nR -deis toTioenumbnarialinympvalnal Rth; m-tamari latt-ses NeComp/KEOEes frbsp; mbinatorial Optimizati6):1128-118201>Ii>A. PêcheGntier, J. M.&he Prd and Dorbec, ssier, and A. Raspaud. L(p,q)-labeliGSpe Dizid sewerfdelillel &aem>Journal of Coematics, 312(2):362-37160(10121691-1692
  41. A. Pêchendre. AFoucasp;WRdi. FrKfecThe;Rr and A.Kosownki,aaspaud. L(p,q)-labeliolottiq borriali aify. , 312(2):362-37160(10-11121532-1546
  42. V. VèqueAsier. Boussioaultit and C.&F daritAsier. Lassoux,oy of and C.&Reinal tiLinaar extebsl &asuappls valua013A. PêcheEand C.&Sopen;Ph Uppnariricptenechselatio numbnarialubltopc a.crearnary oforicptene graphs. graphspldrtirJournal of Coematussiectidn OperatioaelGrs fo/KEory001-015322012517-53>
  43. C. Charp and C.&F daroy ofP.-L. Méliotdel silitotiographq- andbsp;ectmeasurtil of Co;robSafetute/KEoryry ofR-0.5eneFlign):362-37152(3-4):589-624
  44. A. Pêche and C.&F dardelPartval jucys-murphy ges btiorlexascar ftotss pages il of CoEuplanf mbinatorial Optimizati6):1128-133:189-192
  45. A. Pê/p;Hope'>
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