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28 November 2016 - Thesis Subjects 2017
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2017: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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25 Septembre 2018 - Closure properties of synchronized relations  (Mar?a Emilia Descotte - 11h00 - 178)

01 Octobre 2018 - Algebraic structures related to loop equations  (Thomas Krajewski - 10h45 - 076)

02 Octobre 2018 - Languages over countable linear orderings  (A. V. Sreejith - 11h00 - 178)

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13 septembre 2018 - NFC-I, start-up du LaBRI, s'installe à Montréal

Suite à deux missions menées à Toronto puis Montréal, sous l'égide de la Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, de la FrenchTech, de Bordeaux Métropole et de la CCI Internationale, NFC-I, start-up du LaBRI, a été sélectionnée par le plus gros incubateur de Montréal, le Centech (Centre d'Entrepreneurship Technologique) adossé à l’ETS (Ecole de Technologie Supérieure) qui compte plus de 10.000 étudiants, environ 650 doctorants et 200 enseignants chercheurs.
La société dispose ainsi d'un bureau à Montréal et intègre un programme d'accélération de 12 semaines qui devrait conduire à son implantation effective outre atlantique d'ici à la fin de l'année.
NFC-I poursuit par ailleurs sa croissance, et vient de recruter une chargée Marketing Communication et une Business Developper.

Contact : Serge Chaumette

04 September 2018 - IRIM 2nd on INS task at TRECVID2018

The IRIM consortium of the GDR ISIS groups several French laboratories and has participated for many years in the international evaluation campaign TRECVID.
This campaign is devoted to research in automatic segmentation, indexing, and context-based retrieval of massive video datasets. One of the tasks, INS « Instance Search » consists of finding persons in predefined contexts inside these massive video datasets (475K shots for a total length of 435 hours this year).

The IRIM consortium coordinated by the LABRI (Boris Mansencal, Jenny Benois-Pineau), with help of LIMSI, finished, for the second time, 2nd out of 7 international teams in this INS task in 2018.

Contacts:Boris Mansencal and/or Jenny Benois-Pineau

13 July 2018 - The idex awards its 2018 science and technology prize to a Progress doctoral student

Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix (Progress team) has received the University of Bordeaux, science and technology prize, for his work on multi-criteria optimisation of streaming vidéo in the internet Future Media.
He will give a presentation of his thesis work to the Bordeaux university doctoral students, at their year start ceremony, on 6 december next.

Contact: Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix

12 July 2018 - A prize at the ACM MMSys 2018 conference, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Simon Da Silva, a Progress team doctoral student, presented an article and gave a demo at the 23rd Packet Video Workshop (PV'18) of the ACM MMSys (Multimedia Systems) 2018 conference, in Amsterdam (Netherlands).
The article's title is: MUSLIN: Achieving High, Fairly Shared QoE Through Multi-Source Live Streaming. It is the fruit of a collaboration between five researchers of the Progress team (S. Silva, J. Bruneau-Queyreix, M. Lacaud, D. Négru, L. Réveillère).
The objective of this work is to improve the diffusion of video flux in real time (live streaming). For this, the solution of multi-source diffusion MS-Stream, developed in the Progress team, is used in combination with algorithms for dynamic provision and assignment of video content servers. This streaming system allows a significant improvement in the quality of expérience of users while reducing the infrastructure costs for the content provider compared with current solutions.
For this work, these five researchers won the prix Excellence in DASH Award, third place, awarded by the DASH-IF. This prize rewards research work and potential applications in the streaming video industry (Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, etc.).

Contacts: Simon Da Silva and/or Daniel Négru

29 juin 2018 - Rhoban defends its title of worl champion and … adds a new star to its record

While the human football world championship is under way, the cheers can be heard in other venues. The Rhoban team of robot footballers, double world champion (in 2016 and 2017), defended its title at Robocup 2018, held this year in Montreal.
For the third consecutive year, it received the title of world champion with its KidSize humanoid robots.
This new victory can only enthuse and encourage dans le succès qui est le leur, d’autant plus que la ville de Bordeaux a été choisie pour accueillir la RoboCup 2020.

Contacts : Olivier Ly et/ou Grégoire Passault

19 June 2018 - It's official, the 2020 RoboCup will be in Bordeaux!

The international RoboCup committee announced the news, on Monday 18/06 from Montreal where the RoboCup 2018 is currently taking place.
It is now official, the city of Bordeaux has been chosen to host RoboCup, the robot world cup, in 2020.
A few figures: 45 countries will be represented, 450 teams (researchers, students, companies), 5000 robots will confront each other for a week in various disciplines: football, catastrophe rescue, industrial logistics, personal assistance; 3500 participants and also 40000 visitors.
The organisation committee for this candidature, of which Olivier Ly is one of the principal contributors, can be congratulated for this excellent news for Bordeaux and the LaBRI Rhoban.

See the press release here.

Contact: Olivier Ly

4 June 2018 - The SCRIME is organising a series of events

The SCRIME Arts and Sciences Cycles are annual events where the various research and creation projects in which the SCRIME is involved, are presented to an audience of professionals, and our partners. It is an opportunity to demonstrate over several days the progress of some of the projects which have occupied the last year. This event is also open to the public subject to availability of places.

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