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27 January 2014 - Thesis Subjects 2014
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2014: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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05 February 2015 - Genome evolution and unexpected bacterial content in isolates of the model fungal pathogen Magnaporthe  (Hélène Chiapello - 11h00 - salle 178, LaBRI)

06 February 2015 - Strong edge-coloring of (3, Delta)-bipartite graphs  (Julien Bensmail - 14h00 - Salle 178)

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29 January 2015 - Bordeaux Combinatorics Days (JCB)

The 7th JCB will take place from 4 to 6 February, at the LaBRI.
In the programme, there are around fifteen talks covering different aspects of combinatorics. You can consult the programme and the abstracts of the talks here.

29 January 2015 - GDR IM (Informatics and Mathematics) Meeting

This national meeting will take place on 2 and 3 February at the LaBRI. It is an opportunity for many exchanges between researchers who are developing mathematical tools for informatics. There will be two foreign speakers external to the GDR (K. Panagiotou, Munich and J. Ouaknine, Oxford), 9 talks by members of the GDR, representing its différents poles, and 9 shorter talks by young doctors.

The programme can be consulted here.

24 November 2014 - Bioinformatics Workshop

The "Bordeaux Computational Biology and Bioinformatics days" Workshop (BCBB) will take place at the LaBRI on 25 and 26 November. It is organised around 4 principal themes (1) Analysis and integration of "omic" data, (2) Computational Biology, (3) Analysis of networks and (4) Modeling. An invited speaker from outside Bordeaux will give a presentation on each of these subjects, to be completed by 3 presentations given by Bordeaux researchers. A "NGS in practice" session will take place on Wednesday afternoon, which will adress the questions of visualisation of genomic data and analysis of exomes.

Contacts : Guillaume Blin and/or Macha Nikolsky : and/or

06 November 2014 - 2014 BGW (Bordeaux Graph Workshop)

This year the third BGW will take place from 19 to 22 November at Enseirb-Matméca and the LaBRI.
It aims to bring together, in a convivial atmosphere, internationally renowned researchers in graph theory in order to exchange ideas on recent developments and current problems in the area.
Conference web site here.

23 October 2014 - Middleware 2014 Conference

From 8 to 12 December 2014, at the cité Mondiale de Bordeaux, the LaBRI will be organising the 15th international Middleware conference.
This conference's scope includes design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of platforms and architectures of distributed systems for tomorrow's information and communication technologies (cloud, big data, etc.).

The complete program and registration details are available at the conference site here.

Contact : Laurent Réveillère (general chair) :

21 October 2014 - XDC 2014 Conference

From 8 to 10 October the LaBRI was host to the conference of developers of X.Org, the foundation of free projects allowing graphic output on UNIX systems such as Linux.

The conference brought together a majority of this community composed of a few academics and hobbyist contributers but mostly from industry. These include AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Samsung, Red Hat, Suse and Oracle. This year there was a record attendance with 55% more than last year and 40% more than two years ago!
In addition to the traditional presentations on OpenGL, we were able to attend many more presentations related to Wayland the future graphic server. Concerning the Linux kernel, AMD significantly announced a plan for the unification of its proprietary pilot and Open Source. The conference ended at Saint Emilion on the Saturday with a visit to a château and the village underground buildings.

The complete program and the videos and slides are available here.
Contact : Martin Peres :

14 October 2014 - Web night

The Bordeaux Web and Innovation night will take place at Hangar 14 on Friday 17 October from 9 pm until 2 in the morning.
Serge Chaumette and Vincent Autefage will be presenting their work on communicating objects: drones, robots, smartphones and captors. To prepare the event, they have given an interview, available here.
The event is free but a registration is necessary registration.

Contacts: and/or

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