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27 January 2014 - Thesis Subjects 2014
Proposed thesis subjects YEAR 2014: This list is updated after every arrival of a new proposal. If you wish to be a candidate for any of these subjects, contact the thesis supervisors. (...)

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18 Septembre 2014 - Branching bisimulation for normed commutative context free grammars  (Piotr Hofman - 11h00 - 076)

19 Septembre 2014 - Combinatoire algébrique et théories quantiques des champs  (Adrian Tanasa - 10h45 - 076)

19 Septembre 2014 - AVD coloring  (Hervé Hocquard - 14h00 - Salle 178)

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16 septembre 2014 - Résultats de la Robocup 2014

Pour sa troisième participation au concours mondial de robotique "Robocup 2014", le "Rhoban Football Club", club de robots footballeurs du LaBRI a atteint ses objectifs en parvenant en quart de finale où il a affronté le club japonais "CIT Brains", vainqueur de cette année.
Le Rhoban Football Club était la seule équipe française de robots footballeurs qualifeée pour la Robocup 2014. Elle a concouru dans la ligue "Humanoïd kid size" qui regroupait 29 équipes internationales.

Contact : et

08 September 2014 - John Chowning and Jean-Claude Risset: pioneers of computer music

It will be in the presence of these two protagonists that a colloquium/concert is being organised on 25 and 26 September at the LaBRI and the ENSEIRB-MATMECA.
This will be an opportunity to recall the exceptional scientific and artistic careers of these two men and to emphasise the impact of their discoveries (auditive illusions and ambiguities, spatialisation algorithm, synthesis by frequency modulation …) in the domain of musical creation.

Contact: François-Xavier Féron:

08 July 2014 - SpeedData Project, towards a SaaS platform for decision analysis

The SpeedData project aims to develop a decison analysis platform in SaaS mode, allowing use and visualisation in real time of information given by massive and heterogeneous data. The LaBRI's MaBioVis, CombAlgo and Formal Methods teams bring their scientific and technical expertise in collaboration with AT Internet the manager of the project, a major actor in the Web Analytics domain. This project is a winner of the «Cloud Computing» n°3 – Big Data award of the Future Investment Program «Development of the Digital Economy».

Contact :

23 June 2014 - SCRIME: Art and science cycles

Come and discover the SCRIME's Art & Science cycles! Between 12 and 27 June SCRIME will present projects carried out jointly by artists and scientists.

This year's stars, around fifteen artists, composers, scenographers, presenters and multimedia artists will be accompanied by a similar number of scientists and students and will bring us their combined attitudes to problems of research and creation by means of artistic offerings.

Programme here.

23 June 2014 - A significant result in language theory (decidability of the 'dot-depth 2' problem)

A classical problem in formal language theory is that of deciding if the language of words accepted by an automaton can also be expressed by a logical formula. It has been known for example since 1960 that monadic second order logic has the same expressive power as finite automata. Thomas Place and Marc Zeitoun (LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, CNRS, IPB) have just proved the decidability of the membership of a language in the classes BΣ2 et Σ3. This first advance in 17 years on a problem dating from 1974 has made progress on the subject in a profound manner thanks to an important conceptual innovation.

The result has been presented at the conference of the ANR FREC project (CIRM, 28 April 2014) and will be published at ICALP'14.

Contacts: and/or

20 June 2014 - IDEX thesis prize

On June 6, IDEX awarded Benjamin Renoust the «spécial jury prize» over all disciplines, for his thesis entitled «Analysis and Visualization of Edge Entanglement in Mulitplex Networks».
The citation mentioned a «very good presentation of a stimulating research work, with considerable pluridisciplinary potential and possibility of diffusion.»

Contact :

16 June 2014 - The LaBRI will take part in the Cinémascience operation at the projection of the film « Her »

This year the LaBRI will play a part in the Cinémascience meetings, whose objective is a confrontation of the world of research with the wide public.
The projection of S. Jonze's film « Her », on July 1 at 2pm at Mérignac-Ciné, in which Lionel Clément (LaBRI assistant professor) will take part, will have the theme: «Can a computer speak and transmit emotions?».

More details in the communiqué here.

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